The scam that steals your money from the bank by calling you from the phone of the same bank

Brian Adam

We are used to advising everyone to ignore incoming calls posing as people from the bank. Most of the time ...


Apple Car, former employee steals self-driving car project documents


There was a theft of secret data concerning the Apple Car project. The culprit is Xiaolang Zhang, a former employee ...

They detect a virus that steals the data of MacOs users

They detect a virus that steals the data of MacOs users

Brian Adam

Apple computers are now the new focus of cyber attacks The cybersecurity company ESET identified a computer virus that is ...


Apple Music app, unusual bullying: it “steals” the place in the dock from other apps


Some owners of iPhones updated to iOS 15 would have recognized aunedited “arrogance” of the Apple Music app. Part of ...

malware bancario xenomorph 1000x600.jpg

Beware of Xenomorph, a malware that steals information from 56 banks

Brian Adam

A new malware called Xenomorph has infected tens of thousands of Android phones and is designed to steal financial account ...

opera r5 1000x600.jpg

Opera 84 introduces the «protected copy», so that nobody steals the data you copy

Brian Adam

Opera 84 It is the new version of the web browser that once led innovation in its segment, but currently ...


Steals and sells 3,000 iPods for underprivileged children, condemned teacher


Kristy Stock, an American teacher living in the state of New Mexico, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for ...


The charger cable that steals mobile data

Brian Adam

When we see a cable in the mobile charger, we always see that, a cable, an innocent component whose mission ...


An eBook that steals information from your Kindle

Brian Adam

Imagine an e-book that opens on your Kindle and starts stealing your information, including payment methods and other sensitive information ...

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