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New controversy at Tesla: employees shared private videos of some drivers

New controversy by Tesla. The truth is that lately Elon Musk is on everyone's lips, either because of the latest controversy on Twitter...

Netflix is ​​already blocking shared accounts, what to do if I get the message?

The warning was there, but since nothing was happening about it, many ignored it. We refer to device blocking on Netflix if the company...
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Netflix recoils with shared accounts, what has changed?

The controversy over sharing passwords Netflix has been a recurring theme in the entertainment industry for the past few months. On the one hand,...

Netflix reveals how it wants to end shared accounts, and it’s a drama

Well, it was expected to happen and, finally, it has happened. Netflix has communicated the way in which it will proceed so that platform...
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What is the YouTube “shared controls” notification and how can you remove it from your mobile

What is the YouTube "shared controls" notification and how can you remove it from your mobile

Netflix launches a tool that goes directly to shared accounts

The company Netflix has announced a new official tool that it offers on its website that aims to offer a new function for users......
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