Google, more privacy with Android apps. Deleting sensitive data will be easier


Google has published an article in the developer blog, in which it announces that Android applications on the Play Store ...

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Google wants to warn you if sensitive information about you is published on the net

Mubashir Hassan

Google is rolling out a new feature to Android and the web. It makes it easy to find all the ...

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Microsoft Office now lets you collaborate on sensitive files from iOS and Android

Brian Adam

Microsoft is updating the Office app for iOS and Android with a new dynamic for working with files collaboratively. A ...

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Microsoft tests privacy auditing for sensitive devices in Windows 11

Brian Adam

Nowadays, security and privacy have become two of the fundamental pillars of every user. Fortunately, this task not only falls ...


Instagram takes Sensitive Content Control to more areas of recommendations

Brian Adam

So that users can better customize the experience they want to receive from Instagram, this platform has announced that over ...


Instagram and sensitive content, there are news for filters: what changes


Last July, Instagram introduced some changes to give users more control over the management of sensitive content, allowing you to ...


The sensitive data-loving Android Trojan isn’t gone, it’s just more sneaky


Is back TeaBot, in fact he never left. The trojan that came to the fore last May also in Italy ...

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Twitter now lets you add sensitive content warnings to individual tweets

Brian Adam

Twitter is already implementing its new dynamic to add warnings to tweets with sensitive content. Until now, it was only ...

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How to access your private Google Photos folder to store ‘sensitive’ content

Brian Adam

Google Photos seems to have lost some prominence as the main memory storage cloud for most users, something that has ...

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Twitter will allow content to be marked as “sensitive”

Brian Adam

The winds of change are blowing on Twitter. Since Jack Dorsey’s departure from the company it seems that the foot ...

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