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Which country will be the country with the largest population in 2100?

According to research by the Pew Research Center, in 2100 the country with the largest number of inhabitants will be India.

A 6-story underground city in Turkey with a population of 20,000

Istanbul: The Turkish province of Nowshera is famous for its archeological sites, but its Derenkyu district is unique in that it has a vast...
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The dam was blown up to save the population from flooding in China

Beijing: Chinese authorities blew up part of the dam to ease flooding in eastern Anhui province. According to Chinese media, a part of the dam...

A small population of blue prawns discovered in Ohio after 45 years of research

After 45 years of research in Ohio, in the United States, one was discovered small family of blue prawns. The first crustaceans (Cambarus monongalensis)...
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The Government says that in 2 years 91% of the population will have fiber in spain

The coverage of the operators in Spain continues to increase over the months. Fibre optics has long been the majority access technology in our...