Maintenance mode on Samsung mobiles: what it is and how to activate it

Maintenance mode on Samsung mobiles: what it is and how to activate it

Brian Adam

Taking the smartphone to the technical service is something that, unfortunately, happens from time to time. And, at this moment, ...

windows file system maintenance with fsutil command line tool in.jpg

Windows file system maintenance with fsutil: command line tool in practice

Brian Adam

A reliable tool is required to take a look at the internals of the Windows file system. The most versatile ...

remote maintenance critical vulnerabilities in hpe integrated lights out ilo.jpg

Remote Maintenance: Critical Vulnerabilities in HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

Brian Adam

Remote management HPE Integrated Lights-Out enabled attackers to inject malicious code. Updated software fixes the bugs.   In the remote ...

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Gas flows through Nord Stream to resume after 10-day maintenance


Gazprom is expected to restart gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline Thursday, after the completion of a 10-day ...

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WingetUI, a graphical help for software maintenance in Windows

Brian Adam

WingetUI is a small, free, open source application that makes it easy to install, update, or uninstall software on Windows. ...


Google removes its Android statues: maintenance and relocation time


Google has removed the iconic Android statues from the garden of its main campus in Mountain View: the novelty was ...

aplicacion para calcular el gasto generado en el uso y mantenimiento del coche.jpg

How to calculate the expense generated in the use and maintenance of the car

Brian Adam

With the increase in gasoline and diesel prices, many people with cars will have to rethink their expenses and how ...

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Five Windows PE rescue environments for repair and maintenance

Brian Adam

Windows PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) is UA light version of Windows 10 that Microsoft offers to help install, implement, deploy, ...

five years of maintenance for the pixel 6 and more versions of android

Five years of maintenance for the Pixel 6 and more versions of Android than any other, according to a leak

Brian Adam

Android updates have always been controversial, because although Google separated the most important ones from the kernel to bring them ...

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Facebook ensures that the fall of its social networks was due to a maintenance failure

Brian Adam

Facebook has assured this Tuesday that a maintenance error in the company’s network that links its data centers caused the ...