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Elon Musk is the gift that keeps on giving to Mark Zuckerberg


New York CNN  —  At the start of last year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in the hot seat. Revelations ...

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Hun Sen: Facebook urged to suspend Cambodia’s PM over video threatening violence


The oversight board for Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms on Thursday said Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen should be suspended ...

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Microsoft faces off against US government over Activision deal, with top execs set to testify


CNN  —  Microsoft (MSFT) and the video game giant Activision Blizzard (ATVI) will face off Thursday against the US government ...

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Meta lowers the minimum age for its Quest headsets from 13 to 10


New York CNN  —  Facebook-parent Meta plans to lower the minimum age for its virtual reality headsets from 13 years ...

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Senate Judiciary advances journalism bargaining bill targeting Big Tech


Washington CNN  —  The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced legislation on Thursday that would give news organizations the power to jointly ...

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The AI act: Europe is leading the race to regulate artificial intelligence. Here’s what you need to know


London CNN  —  The European Union took a major step Wednesday toward setting rules — the first in the world ...

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The US Senate is working to get up to speed on AI basics ahead of any legislation


Washington CNN  —  The US Senate is inching forward on a plan to regulate artificial intelligence, after months of seeing ...

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Microsoft leaps into the AI regulation debate, calling for a new US agency and executive order


CNN  —  Microsoft joined a sprawling global debate on the regulation of artificial intelligence Thursday, echoing calls for a new ...

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Biden administration unveils an AI plan ahead of meeting with tech CEOs


CNN  —  The White House on Thursday announced a series of measures to address the challenges of artificial intelligence, driven ...

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Meta opens up its Horizon Worlds VR app to teens for the first time, prompting outcries from US lawmakers


Washington CNN  —  Meta is forging ahead with plans to let teenagers onto its virtual reality app, Horizon Worlds, despite ...

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