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Modern game programming with the Entity Component System and the engine Bevy

Brian Adam

The Bevy game engine uses the Rust programming language and the Entity Component System, which is becoming increasingly common in ...

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A teardown of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra reveals a component that Xiaomi hasn’t talked about


The Xiaomi 12S Ultra debuted at the beginning of the month, standing out especially for the performance of its camera, ...


Google will add the local component to multisearch

Brian Adam

Google searches are also evolving with the arrival of new experiences. With the recent arrival of the combined image and ...

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Nintendo Switch will also be affected by component shortages

Brian Adam

Nintendo Switch recently turned five years old and if the trajectory of the console in all this time can be ...


Apple’s component crisis weighed on iPad sales but is improving


The fiscal second quarter of 2022 was certainly one of Apple’s best in its history, even the Wall Street Journal ...

The iPhone 14 will continue to increase the amount of RAM in smartphones.

The iPhone 14 will have a component that Android phones already had in 2019

Brian Adam

There is a component, both in the world of mobile phones, and in that of tablets and computers, that essential ...

The new Monte dei Paschi rescue has a moral hazard component

The new Monte dei Paschi rescue has a moral hazard component

Brian Adam

Your purchase by Unicredit could give creditors a profit, at the expense of taxpayers Italy’s latest bank bailout offers bond ...

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Laptop component shortages set to get worse this quarter

Brian Adam

Electronic component shortages have strangled manufacturers and the technology distribution channel, unable to supply equipment to meet demand. The situation, ...

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Our Readers Talk: What was the first outdated component you changed on your first PC?

Brian Adam

Last week we asked you what was the operating system that put an “expiration date” on your first PC, and ...

IBM says it has created the world's first 2nm chip.

Mobile phones will save 75% of the battery thanks to this new component

Brian Adam

IBM claims to have made a big step forward in chip technology by making the first 2nm chip. The company ...

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