Good news: the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y lower their prices in Spain

The market begins to see Tesla as just another car manufacturer

Brian Adam

The names of the car manufacturer Tesla Y Elon Musk they were not always hand in hand. It’s hardly ever ...

Google Stadia begins to return the money to its customers. Has it reached you?

Brian Adam

At the end of September last year, Google announced the closure of Stadia, its video game streaming platform. A jug ...

Whatsapp Communities

The next WhatsApp revolution begins to be available: these are the new Communities

Brian Adam

Little by little they are reaching users in some parts of the world, WhatsApp Communities appear in applications even without ...

Coolwalk Android Auto Interface

Android Auto 8.2 is now official: Google does not stop, the first beta begins to be available

Brian Adam

Don’t let the rhythm stop, Google has taken pleasure in constantly evolving its platform for vehicles, Android Auto. Although the ...

instagram 3.jpg

Instagram begins testing its bottom navigation bar without the purchase button

Brian Adam

While other social platforms have been beefing up their e-commerce features, Instagram is starting to do the opposite. The Information ...

google 3.jpg

Google begins pushing Fitbit users to migrate their accounts

Brian Adam

Google now wants all users with Fitbit accounts to move to Google accounts in early 2025 instead for the use ...

Gmail Begins Removing Political Emails From Spam Box After US Deal

Gmail Begins Removing Political Emails From Spam Box After US Deal


Google started to remove from Gmail spam box messages sent by political parties and campaigns. The search giant’s change of ...

whatsapp g63221d602 1280.jpg

WhatsApp already begins to deploy the function that allows you to hide the online status

Brian Adam

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, owned by Meta Platforms, is already beginning to have the privacy function, which we already ...

pixel notepad, when the production of foldable displays begins and

Pixel Notepad, when the production of foldable displays begins and when it arrives


  Of Pixel Notepad, the first foldable smartphone from Google, there is not much talk. There has been no shortage ...

teknofilo 005 2.jpg

Apple’s online store is closed: The countdown begins


As usual in the hours leading up to Apple events, The Apple Store website is closed. The Apple Store closes ...

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