Tablet sales plummet. Is it the end of the new golden age?

14 sales plummet.  Is it the end of the new golden age?
tablet sales plummet. is it the end of the new

The market of tablets It has experienced a second golden age due to the pandemic. This type of product, which fell into disuse due to the rise of smartphones with increasingly larger screens, recovered its initial success during the confinement.

Mainly because it became a most complete leisure tool. Not to mention the large number of users who began to use more powerful tablets to replace the laptop.

But it seems that things are back to normal, and tablet sales are being significantly affected. Or this is what emerges from the latest study by IDC, a company specialized in market analysis and with great authority, and where they indicate that in the first quarter of 2023 tablet sales have fallen by 20% compared to the data of 2022.

The pandemic and other factors affecting the drop in tablet sales

As expected Apple with its iPad family and Samsung with its acclaimed Galaxy Tab are the main players in the sector, with a market share of 35.2% and 23.1% respectively. sales plummet.  Is it the end of the new golden age?

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In third place we have Huawei, another of the leading players in the sector and which, despite the veto by the United States and which has significantly damaged its mobile division, continues to maintain a good market margin in the tablet sector with 6.6%. Although Lenovo is on his heels with 6.4%. We close with Amazon and its Fire Tabs, which have a market share of 4.6%.

We see notable faults, such as Xiaomi, but it should be remembered that the manufacturer only has one tablet on the market right now, so it is logical that it is not on this list in the top positions.

Returning to the subject of sales of tablets, with a Approximate shipment of 30.1 million units, they are very far from the shipments of 2022making it clear that the market is stabilizing and the boom in this type of equipment is coming to an end.

It should be noted that not only the pandemic, or rather its end, have caused this drop in sales, since the smartphone market has also suffered large losses compared to last year Due to inflation, conflicts such as the one in Ukraine that generate indecision for the end user.

Therefore, we will have to wait until the end of the year to have a more complete assessment of whether the tablet boom has come to an end, or whether this type of equipment will continue to be a phenomenon in terms of sales.