SwirlWalls, colorful live wallpapers from the creator of Action Launcher

swirlwalls, colorful live wallpapers from the creator of action launcher

Chris lacy, the prolific developer behind Action Launcher, Action Dash and Link Bubble, has a new personalization app on Google Play: SwirlWalls, an app for create animated wallpapers, very colorful and they react to touches and movements.

SwirlWalls is an interesting app that will try to give your mobile a unique touch by creating a wallpaper that does not stop. With a multitude of possible options, the background reacts to touches or movements of the mobile so that every time you look at your mobile, don’t see the same static background.

Animated backgrounds for your mobile with a very special design

If you are tired of the same wallpapers of kittens, green meadows and starry skies, in SwirlWalls you have an animated and somewhat crazy alternative. Money customizable animations and with a lot of styles to choose and personalize your mobile to the maximum.

Most of the available backgrounds are extremely colorful, although there are also versions adapted for use with dark theme, as well as countless remixes, or variations of the designs. Each main design is available in different styles that slightly alter its appearance for a different touch.


Swirlwalls animated screen reacts to touches, spinning like a pinwheel (and hence its name). By touching with your finger you can make them rotate, although you can also do it by shaking the mobile. In addition, the background supports multi-finger gestures so you can change the style and its remixes without having to go through the options.

It is, in short, an app to give some life to the mobile wallpaper and make it something more than something that is in the background, without moving. What you will have to move is the wallet, well it costs 4.99 euros. Without a demo or trial version, the best way to know if it suits your needs is to use the Google Play return policy in case you are not satisfied.

SwirlWalls: Interactive UHD Wallpaper Backgrounds

SwirlWalls: Interactive UHD Wallpaper Backgrounds

  • Developer: ActionWalls
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: 4.99 euros
  • Category: Personalization