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SwiftKey Keyboard on iPhone and iPad will disappear from the Apple Store

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Microsoft bought Swiftkey in 2016, and has since made some big changes to the famous keyboard. It has brought it to Windows, and has allowed it to be customized quite a bit.

The fact is that now it has decided to withdraw it from the Apple application store, support for the iOS version of the application will end on October 5, so iPhone and iPad users will be left without such a popular mobile keyboard.

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Those who already have it installed will be able to continue using it, but if they uninstall it, they will not be able to install it again later.

Yes it will continue to provide support for SwiftKey Android, but nothing for iPhone, not even if we bought a new device and already had it on the previous one.

The decision is a consequence of constant user complaints, of errors that have been around for a long time. The app has not been updated on iOS for more than a year, so suspicions that Microsoft was not focused on the issue were common.

SwiftKey has been available on iOS since 2014, so we’re talking about an extremely important component (the keyboard) that many users have already grown accustomed to.

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In android the thing is different, there is love with the theme. SwiftKey brought clipboard sync to Windows and Android devices a year ago, and will continue with future updates.

At we can manage our data before the app permanently disappears.

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