Surveys flood WhatsApp: they are now available on the channels with the latest beta

surveys flood whatsapp they are now available on the channels.webp.webp.webp
surveys flood whatsapp they are now available on the channels.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application, owned by Meta, and to continue being so, it becomes an increasingly complete service by adding new features. Knowing the opinions of other users is as easy as asking a question, but sometimes it is much more convenient to do it through surveys.

These have been in the service for a while, but they were missing in a section that arrived not long ago: the WhatsApp channels. Well, we won’t have to wait much longer for channel owners to implement them and thus know the opinion of their audience. They have just been present at the latest beta of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp beta shows surveys in channels


As it could not be otherwise, WABetaInfo was responsible for this discovery. The website specialized in analyzing the new features coming to the messaging app has found references to channel surveys.

Specifically, it has been in the WhatsApp beta version for Android, in which it is possible to share surveys on channels, for the moment only for some beta testers (users who voluntarily test pre-release versions

Wa Share Polls Channel Android

As we can see in the attached screenshots, courtesy of WABetaInfo, surveys appear as an option within the sharing options, that is, by tapping on the clip icon (which is also used to attach files). This means that when available, channel owners will be able to easily create and share surveys.

It is worth mentioning that the votes obtained in these polls will be protected for a greater privacy, so our opinion will be completely anonymous. It is not something strange, in fact, the latest moves by the WhatsApp team go in this direction, to provide a private experience to its users.

Besides, becomes more important in the channels, which tend to be much more populated than the groups. What’s more, their very nature requires that surveys be anonymous, or else thousands of users (depending on the channel) could track this information.

It is important to know that, likewise, the channel owner and survey creator You will not be able to know who has participated, which reinforces the idea. As we have said before, only some users have been able to create and share surveys in channels, with the latest WhatsApp beta update, obtained from the Play Store.

According to the media, the news will be extended to more beta users in the coming days. Finally, when the tests have come to fruition, be it weeks or months, the rest of the users will have access to the function.

Via | WABetaInfo

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