Surprisingly Realistic Tilt-Shift Images of Van Gogh’s Most Famous Works

tilt shift van gogh starry night detail fstoppers lead.jpg
tilt shift van gogh starry night detail fstoppers lead.jpg

For those who are only familiar with “tilt-shift” as a filter setting on Instagram, tilt-shift refers to the physical tilt and/or shift of the lens plane that can create some dramatic selective focusing. Taking into account the Scheimpflug principle, tilting and shifting the lens plane can dramatically change the depth of field forcing a change of size and perspective in an image. Serena Malyon, a third-year art student applied a Photoshop replication of this technique to some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous works.

The ability to tilt and shift lenses has been around since the dawn of photography. Adopted to smaller format photography in the 60s, Nikon was the first to create a consumer-based product to allow the freedom of both tilt and shift. Today, a selectively placed lens blur layer in Photoshop can achieve very similar effects at a lower price tag. 

The results are mesmerizing. Adding a shallow depth of field creates a tiny world of dramatic color and texture. Simply applying the tilt portion of the technique can drastically change an image. Adding a third dimension to famous two-dimensional art adds a new layer of emotion to already amazing works. 

Selectively tilting or shifting an image can add some truly amazing effects. Mike Kelley often praises the tilting principles of this lens and technique for its assistance in architectural photography. “At least 90 percent of my images are shot with a tilt-shift,” claims Kelley. The shift of the lens plane can allow a photographer to keep structural lines as intended, thus accurately depicting important architectural geometry. Just utilizing the tilt aspect of the lens has its own singular benefits as well.

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