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Surprise! The original Chromecast gets an update, what does it include?

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When almost 10 years ago Google presented the first multimedia player in the range Chromecast, it is possible that you did not think that this accessory would be one of the best that the Mountain View company has ever put on the market (always speaking of hardware). Well, the first version has an unexpected surprise in the form of an update. Something that, obviously, was not expected.

The arrival of new firmware It has not been announced very clearly by Google itself, but those who still use one of these devices (among which I am), we have been surprised to see on the television screen the corresponding notice of the existence of an update. And, once the corresponding file is downloaded, the time it takes to complete the process only takes five minutes. Therefore, we are not talking about something especially long.

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News that does not make the Chromecast more useful

Bearing in mind that the size of the update is not particularly large, it is clear from the beginning that the new features that exist are those that change the options for using the player (which, it must be remembered, has a limited operating system that does not allow the independent execution of applications, being its mirror-like operation: it allows you to see on the TV screen what is on the smartphone). Therefore, nothing to think that Android TV arrives with the firmware, none of that.

Basically what has been done is improve performance of the Chromecast, so that there are no problems with current applications -especially with streaming video clients, which in some cases had caused users to experience delays at specific times. This, from what I have verified, has disappeared. On the other hand, the update also fixes some security holes that had been detected, and that could be dangerous for the user. Therefore, nothing spectacular -but surely those who still take advantage of the original model of this product range will like it-.

The number of the new firmware

If you want to be sure that you already have the new update installed, you should check the firmware that you have installed or that you install is the 1.36.159268. If so, you already have the most current option available… and, therefore, you can get the most out of the Chromecast in question. And, the truth is that, without much fuss, the operation of this model continues to be just as good as the first day. It is true that the image quality is not the best possible, but it does not stop working effectively.

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