Surprise! Google is already working on a new Chromecast, what will it improve?

 Surprise!  Google is already working on a new Chromecast, what will it improve?

This year it ten years since the launch of Google Chromecast, one of the most successful hardware devices from the Mountain View company. And, it seems, the firm intends to celebrate this moment with a new model if the information that has been known is taken into account.

If this finally occurs, it would be one more effort to compete with Amazon’s Fire TV, which has a much larger offer on the market (which gives it more flexibility and allows users to choose precisely what they need). One of the things that is certain is that the new Chromecast, like the previous ones, will have the Google TV operating system. That is to say, you will be able to install applications and, in addition, use the useful remote control that is included with the device.

The Google Home application has given the clues

Well yes, as indicated in the source of the information, it is in this development that the objective is to control the different devices that the North American company has to use at home where the reference confirming that there will be a new Chromecast has been found. Specifically, there are parts in which reference is made to a model called YTC, which comes to give continuity to the previous two (YTV and YTB). Clearly, it is a new model, but little can be known with this nomenclature.

Something that does seem to happen is that the new model would come to solve one of the most important problems that the current Google Chromecast has: its ability to storage. The eight gigabytes that the devices on the market have are clearly insufficient, so doubling it would be one of the things that the new generation would offer. And, always, being its 4K resolution. In this way, we talk about the option that can be considered as ‘top’.


Secondly, No change is expected in what has to do with the design. Therefore, the semicircular appearance would be maintained and, perhaps, there would be some new color that would make the new generation of the players we are talking about different. As for connectivity, it is possible that the leap will be made to offer access to WiFi 6E, but this is something that is not at all secure.

Possible arrival date of this Chromecast

Taking into account that references to the accessory already appear in the applications, it is more than likely that this model is a reality in the market before summer. Therefore, it is possible that if you are thinking of buying a Chromecast you decide to wait to see what Google has prepared. In what has to do with its possible price, as improvements are expected, this would be the highest of all the options on the market. So think about about 75 euros it’s not crazy.