Surfshark VPN comes to the Microsoft Store


Surfshark, a well-known VPN app, has taken a big step by officially launching on the Microsoft Store for Windows users.

Surfshark’s listing in the Microsoft Store is primarily aimed at expanding the accessibility of its VPN app to a broader user base. By offering your app on this platform, Windows users can easily access Surfshark’s full services and enjoy its online privacy and security benefits.

By downloading the Surfshark VPN app through the Microsoft Store, users benefit from increased security and protection. By eliminating the risk of encountering rogue or malicious applications, users can rest assured that they are using the authentic and safe version of Surfshark. This ensures the protection of your online activities and the security of your personal information.

Although Surfshark is now available on the Microsoft Store, the company has ensured accessibility on other platforms as well. Android and iOS users can download the app via the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. Furthermore, Surfshark is also available for desktop Linux users. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing security and privacy online no matter what platform users choose.

Surfshark and NordVPN

It is important to remember that both giants of the VPN world began their merger in February of last year. They joined forces through a merger to strengthen their position in the cybersecurity industry. This merger represents the combination of two experts in the field, and its objective is to establish itself as a powerful reference in Internet security and privacy.

The merger agreement between Nord Security and Surfshark was the result of Nord Security’s recognition of Surfshark’s rapid growth and the experience and professionalism of its team. By coming together, both companies seek to strategically align and more effectively meet the needs of their customers, as well as prepare for future challenges in the field of online security.

Importantly, despite the merger, Nord Security and Surfshark will continue to operate independently, maintaining their own infrastructure and product roadmaps. Both brands will continue to serve their respective user bases and improve their products separately.

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