Surely you were unaware of this important Windows 11 camera function

QR code on computer

Surely on some occasion you have wanted scan a QR code from your computer and you didn’t have your cell phone at hand to do it. Windows 11 has perfected one of its applications to be able to recognize this type of two-dimensional bars that include a certain type of information, such as the address of a web page, a phone number or a password. If you want to know what method to use to perform the scan quickly and easily on your PC, just keep reading.

Nowadays we can see QR codes everywhere. It’s about a digital reading protocol which you can quickly access in a very convenient way using the camera application. It is also a way to save physical and material space to contribute to the well-being of the environment. Without going any further, this technique began to be used in numerous restaurants after the COVID 19 pandemic, which triggered a global alert after thousands of deaths were declared around the world.

QR codes can be viewed through the mobile camera app, but if it turns out that this information is on a specific website or document, these codes can be scanned in a very convenient way: with the Windows 11 camera tool. And the good thing is that you won’t have to use an external camera, but rather the application itself that Windows 11 includes in its operating system.

How to read a QR code in Windows 11

There are certain occasions in which you may come across a QR code when you are working in front of the computer and you do not have sufficient accessibility at that moment to pick up your cell phone, open the camera app and scan the code. To do this, Windows 11 has another camera application in the bag that you can use not only to take photos or videos, but also to read QR codes.

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To carry out this task, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the camera application from the Windows start button. You can write “camera” to find the tool.
  • Inside the application, click on the icon setting.
  • Next, select the Related Settings option and you will display the button “Try new experimental features” that you will have to activate.
  • Restart the camera and update windows to make sure you have the latest version.

With the camera on again, place the QR code in front of it so that it focuses correctly and executes the information it has stored completely automatically.

camera Windows 11 settings

Read QR codes online

In case you are browsing the internet, there is a way to read QR codes using the Google Lens feature integrated into Google Chrome. To perform this feat, you must first have your Google browser updated to the latest version. Afterwards, you have to right click on the QR image and select the option «Search images with Google». The information related to that code will immediately appear and click on the content.

QR code scanning with Google Lens

In addition, you can even create and generate QR codes with Google Chrome, but that is another story. However, you already know the most comfortable ways to read QR codes in a very simple way through your Windows 11 computer.