Supernova, the ethical social network that dedicates its profits to altruistic works

Brian Adam

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A new social network, Supernova, already has its own application for the iOS and Android operating systems, offering an ethical alternative to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… With the particularity that most of the income obtained through advertising will be dedicated to different altruistic and social initiatives.

Most of the profits generated by Supernova advertising will be used for altruistic purposes

Occasionally altruistic initiatives appear on social networks, such as To2ParaUno and Nextdoor and their neighbor maps that offered help during confinement due to a pandemic. But now it’s the turn of a whole social network whose foundation is helping certain causes.

Dominic O´Meara, founder of Supernova, previously worked in the world of advertising through the prestigious agency Saatchi, in addition to having been awarded the BAFTA award, the British equivalent of the Oscars. Thanks to his knowledge of the advertising medium, O’Meara has been able to launch this initiative. He affirms that there are already brands such as ASICS or MQ Mental Health that have decided to join Supernova as advertisers for the work of social inclusivity that derives from the charities in which this new social network participates thanks to the income generated by advertising.


From Supernova it is affirmed that the technology they have and the accessibility they offer allows them to be able to offer mutual help through the use of social media, generating benefits from the power of advertising. They also offer total transparency regarding the destination of the contributions.

Supernova app

Another aspect that stands out especially since Supernova is its plans for the prevention of toxicity in this social network, aiming to create a place where the user feels safe and secure, being encouraged to maintain a positive and inspiring interaction with their friends, without having to witness hate speech, racism, homophobia or extreme political positions .

The business model is based on shift 60% of its advertising revenue to global initiatives, with a distribution preference according to that determined by the users themselves from among the following initiatives: Climate change, Animal welfare, Emergencies, Health and well-being, Help for the homeless, Human rights, Mental health, Cleaning the oceans

In Supernova they affirm that only if they are able to capture 1% of the global online advertising market they could allocate around 700 million euros annually to the causes listed. Although other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, also allocate money to them, between the two mentioned they do not even add up to 60 million euros per year.


The functioning as a social network of Supernova is very similar to Instagram. Users can share photos and videos, being able to add comments and send private messages. The user account can also be set to private to restrict unwanted interactions.

The big difference with other social networks, and being part of the altruistic spirit that inspires Supernova, is that users establish in their profile the information of the initiative to which they want part of the benefits to be allocated, so that the likes they work as a kind of votes that add support to the selected cause.