Superdense, a new way to save your favorite sites, minimalist and full of colors

There are many solutions designed to save links so as not to lose sight of them, all of them much more sophisticated than the one that comes in Chrome, which is really difficult to manage.

The one we have seen today is a very different bet from what we have seen in the past, although it is not free.

This is Superdense, a solution that saves the categories and icons of the sites that we want to store. We just have to click on each icon to go directly to the requested website. To add icons it is as easy as editing it directly in the category in which it is located.

The result is a single page with no text, only icons, so there is much more information than in other similar solutions.

Superdense works on all browsers and devices, and can be set as the home page in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave… in any browser. We can create a category for SAAS tools, developer accounts, client sites, CMS portals, and administrative URLs, all private, without fear of others seeing what we have there.

It has two cons:

– It is not free, nor does it have a free plan. It costs $3 a month for individual use (there are higher prices for work teams).
– You have to know very well the icons of what we save, since without text we will have to go directly to the image, and that is not always easy.

Available at, you can see some demos on their page.