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Super Mario Bros.: The Movie has post-credits scene with hook for the sequence

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With just a few days left for the premiere of the animated Super Mario movie, Chris Pratt, the actor who voices the character in the American version, revealed that Nintendo and studio Illumination are already thinking about a sequel.

As much as an expansion in Nintendo’s franchise-based productions was already expected, considering that the company founded its own studio to produce films and series, it’s good to see that they were already confident enough with the Mario movie.

In an interview with CBR, actors Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, who voice Mario and Luigi respectively, were asked about the possibility of a second Super Mario movie happening, with the interviewer joking that it could be based on Mario. Golf.

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In response, Pratt revealed that the first film already has a post-credits scene with hints about the sequel.

You see, at the end of the first movie, we have a post-credits scene that gives you a preview of what might happen in the sequel. And that makes me really, really excited.

There have been many rumors about Luigi’s Mansion. This was a Gamecube game. I think it would be great.

Even though a sequel hasn’t been officially confirmed, the actor’s speech certainly implies that. In addition, Mario’s own film opens the way not only for a sequel but also for derivatives focused on Luigi or Donkey Kong, since the gorilla is also an important part of the plumbers’ film.

Super Mario Bros.: The Movie hits Europeian theaters in April 5th.

What can we expect from this post-credits scene?

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