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Super detailed Google Maps, the news also coming to Italy. It starts from Rome

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Rome is the first Italian city to be able to count on a series of new functions introduced by google Maps to make navigation more intuitive and detailed, with clear benefits especially for those who use a wheelchair or stroller. These are news that the Mountain View company had announced globally in recent months – some even concern 2020 – and which now finally reach our country. Starting from the Eternal City, in fact.

Google Maps relies onartificial intelligence to introduce the function of detailed road maps, through which it will be possible to easily identify the presence of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and pedestrian areasas well as a sloping road. As Big G explains, this is important information especially now that – due to pandemics – people are looking for alternative ways to get around the city.


So we start from Rome with the news of Google Maps: the maps become more detailed thanks to the help of AI and algorithms capable of interpreting satellite images in the best possible way. In addition to the news already listed, you can rely on a series of additional information on traffic, walking and identifying crowded areas. We know, unfortunately these days it is better to avoid walking among too many people, and this tool could help us move more safely.

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