Home Tech News Subscriptions to Twitter Blue return with the odd surprise

Subscriptions to Twitter Blue return with the odd surprise

Subscriptions to Twitter Blue return with the odd surprise

After all the problems that Twitter has had to face months ago with the verification mark since Elon Musk made it become part of the Twitter Blue subscription benefits, even going so far as to be cases of impersonation of various companies until the price of their shares on the stock market fell, now Twitter Blue returns but with some surprises, although for the moment it is starting in five markets, which does not include Spain, to expand shortly after to more markets.

The most striking of the surprises is the fact that iOS users have to pay something more, $11 a month, if they subscribe from their devices, perhaps to offset the 30% fee that must be paid to the App Store for the purchases integrated in the app, or even as anger towards Apple for withdrawing its advertising from Twitter. In any case, the subscription through the web has a cost of 8 dollars per month, allowing the subscription to be used on the mobile devices themselves.

More expensive via iOS, new verification rules, and more

In addition, Twitter warns that current subscribers who change their identifier, name or profile photo will temporarily lose the blue check mark until the account is reviewed again.

In addition to the verification mark, after reviewing the account, the Twitter Blue subscription also brings the ability to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, and access to reader mode, as well as having greater relevance in responses, mentions, and searches. as well as an experience with 50% less advertising.

On the other hand, they also announced that they are replacing the “official” label with a “golden checkmark for companies”, and for later, a “grey checkmark for government and multilateral accounts”.

The Twitter Blue subscription feature is still in testing, so it is possible that there may be changes.

In any case, it is now necessary to carry out the verification through a real phone number, and even not have changed the identifier, display name, and profile photo in seven days before purchasing the Twitter Blue subscription, according to the newly updated rules.

And meanwhile, Twitter is already working to allow tweets of up to four thousand characters.

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