Subscription iPhone: Apple may launch service soon, says rumor

Apple has just launched the iPhone 14 line and the company knows that consumer purchasing power is shrinking even in developed countries. Therefore, the manufacturer has not readjusted the prices of the devices and may even launch a hardware subscription service soon.

The information was shared by the well-known and reliable Mark Gurman, and the novelty should hit the market later this year. According to the leaker, the Cupertino giant’s idea is simple: for a monthly installment, the consumer takes home an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

In addition, the package can still include subscriptions to other services such as Apple One, Apple Care, Apple Music and Apple TV.

Apple’s subscription plan still guarantees a new iPhone to the consumer with every release. That is, he must change his device every year.

Image/reproduction: acquisTC.

In general terms, Apple’s novelty is basically the same as what the automotive market already offers, with the main change being in terms and prices (of course!).

Apple has been actively testing the new service and I expect it to launch later this year or next year – Gurman.

For now, Apple does not comment on the matter, but the company is expected to schedule an event for October where it can announce new iPads and Macs. Therefore, the market expectation is that the new hardware subscription service will be one of the great novelties of the conference.

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