Stylized Google Pixel Fold spotted in Android 12L Beta 2


The Pixel Fold, or in any case it will be called the first folding smartphone from Google in the pipeline for some time now, could look more like OPPO Find N than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3: it is an eventuality that emerges from the second Beta build of Android 12L, released in the past few hours. The clue is not extremely solid: these are the animations that explain how to insert a SIM card, which show an extremely stylized version of a folding smartphone.

Historically, Google designs these animations to recall, at least a little, its products; after all, the position of the SIM tray is not universal, and varies from one device to another. It is true that we are talking about a Beta version, so the animation may not be definitive, but at the same time in the files that manage the animations there are direct references to the term “Pipit”, which should be the Pixel Fold’s own code name.

That said, we observe how the trolley of the SIM is in central position of the lower side in the “front” half (i.e. where the external display is located), while the volume rocker is more or less in the middle, just a little off-center towards the bottom, of the right side, then the “rear” one (opposite to where the external display is). There hinge instead it is on the left when the device is closed.

Unfortunately, no other physical details are seen, but if you pause for a moment on the geometric shape of the device you can see that it has a very square ratio, similar in fact more to the foldout of OPPO (8,4: 9 format) than to that of Samsung (22,5: 18). Colleagues from 9to5google, who dug up the animations, did some quick measurements, and came up with a roughly 7: 8 aspect ratio. It is worth mentioning that Find N has an internal display with 7.1 “diagonal, while previous rumors reported 7.6” for the Pixel Fold. A little “bigger” value, therefore, but by varying the format it is difficult to make precise comparisons.