Streamlabs launches podcast editing tool for social media publishing

Streamlabs launches podcast editing tool for social media publishing
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Streamlabs, a company recognized for its streaming platform used on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook networks, announced the launch of an editing tool for content creators who perform live broadcasts of their podcasts and talk shows. the newly released Streamlabs Podcast Editor introduces features that use artificial intelligencesuch as text-based editing and automated generation of transcripts, to help streamers record and edit their audio and video content.

Streamlabs Podcast Editor offers resizing features that allow you to quickly adapt your content to other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Creators can personalize their video clips by adding images and subtitles. In addition, the editor has the help of AI to cut unnecessary pauses and language addictions.

Streamlabs editing tool for podcasters (Image: The Verge/Playback)

Additionally, Ashray Urs, Product Director at Streamlabs, confirmed to The Verge the availability of a real-time translation feature capable of support 30 different languagesincluding Spanish, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

The new Podcast Editor will be available as part of a Streamlabs Ultra subscription — a $19 monthly full subscription, about R$91, (or $149 per year, R$720) for Streamlabs creator apps such as Streamlabs Console and Video Editor Pro. A restricted version of the tool that allows users to edit up to one hour of content per month will also be available free of charge to all Streamlabs Starter users.

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