Streamlabs Debuts Podcast Editing Tool With AI-Powered Features


Streamlabs, the Logitech service that allows live broadcasts to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, just presented to Podcast Publisher as its new editing tool that allows fast and efficient editing of audio and video podcasts to all social platforms.

Features include AI-powered video transcripts with filler word and pause removal, video clip customization by adding images and subtitles, generating simple video clips based on longer videos for promotion podcast episodes on social platforms, the possibility of reusing content from some social platforms on others, and more.

Available to Streamlabs Ultra subscribers

The new tool will not be available to all users, since Streamlabs has made it available only to those who are in the highest subscription level, called Streamlabs Ultra, which has a price of 19 euros per month, where it is also they have access to other tools like Video Editor Pro, Streamlabs Console, and more, qualifying at this subscription level as all-in-one.

With the new tool, creators will be able to save hours and hours of work by being able to deliver their podcast content more quickly and efficiently to their respective audiences on the different social networks in which they are present.

Adding to other professional tools for creators

The launch of this tool makes Streamlabs more competitive in a segment where there are many other solutions to segment and deliver podcast content to different social platforms.

Perhaps it can also come as a response to the controversy that came to dispute years ago for using the OBS brand without the right to do so, generating confusion among users and companies, who have had difficulties distinguishing the Streamlabs platform from OBS Studio.

Streamlabs highlights the rise in popularity of podcasts, and also indicates that the Just Chatting category, which allows creators to interact with their audiences, has become the most popular category on the platform, with more than 826 million followers. hours viewed in the first quarter of 2023.

With this, it is not surprising that Streamlabs and its parent company, Logitech, try to take advantage of the situation to continue working in the same vein and offer everything creators need to spread their content.

More Information/Image Credit: Streamlabs Podcasts Editor

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