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Stop sharing your location on iPhones in iMessage without them knowing

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The iMessage app of the iPhone It is widely used by those who have a device from the North American company. One of the things this app does is share your location with the rest of the users, something that may not be appropriate at certain times. If you want to disable this function and you don’t know how to do it, we will show you the steps you have to take.

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, sharing your location with your iPhone while using iMessage may be a bad thing for you. The good news is that Apple has thought exactly about this option, so you simply have to follow the path that we are going to indicate to disable this function by following the official channels in the iOS operating system. That is, nothing is dangerous or can go wrong.

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How to stop sharing location in iMessage on iPhone

We leave you below all the actions that you have to carry out on Apple phones and, in addition, you should know that what you have to do on Apple phones is practically the same. iPad to get the same effect. Without further ado, we leave you the instructions that you have to follow to increase privacy when using iMessage.

Enter the application as usual from the screen of your iPhone.

Now, at the top of the screen, locate the image of the contact in question -you can do this with as many as you want- and click on it. Among the available options you must use Stop sharing my location. To confirm that you’ve done everything right, check that the slider position is on the left.

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It’s important to know that the contact doesn’t receive any information that they won’t see your location again when using iMessage on iPhone or iPad. And, this, increases privacy.

Once this is done, you have finished and, to do the same in other contacts, all you have to do is repeat the steps that we have indicated.

As you can see in iOS everything is perfectly prepared for you to take the action to stop location sharing, so kudos to Apple for that. Obviously, at any time you can decide that the information is sent again to the contact you want by following the same steps, but putting the slider in question to the right. Everything is very simple, really.

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