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Steve Wozniak, says it is ‘time to recognize’ the right to …

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steve wozniak You may be the co-founder of Apple, but that doesn’t mean you are always aware of the company’s policies or opinions. Now the difference seems to be on the issue of the right to repair.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and the right to repair

While Apple’s lobbyists they helped bring down multiple proposals on the right to repair, Wozniak seems extremely receptive to the issue.

Responding to a request from the defender of the right to reparation Louis Rossmann, Woz said that “It is time to recognize the right to reparation more fully.” He went on to say that he believes “Companies inhibit it because it gives them power [y] control over everything ”.


Wozniak’s passionate support of Right to Repair It’s not a surprise. Woz, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs Y Ronald wayne in 1976, came from the Homebrew Computer Club and the hacking community, trying to break the centralized power of computing and put tools in the hands of everyday consumers.

Wozniak’s nine-minute response can be seen in the Repair Preservation Group YouTube channel. In the video, he gets nostalgic for the good old days, when televisions were powered by vacuum tubes and electronics came with schematics.

It tells how anyone, not just trained technicians, could easily change a faulty tube at a local store. It’s a fascinating journey down memory lane, filled with Woz’s memories of the joy and sense of empowerment people felt when fixing their own electronic devices.

Apple’s position on the right to repair

While Apple can be said to do that by making its devices available to anyone who can buy them, a more “closed” view of what consumers should be able to do has long been adopted. That doesn’t just make your products difficult to repair. As early as the 1980s, Apple customers could void their warranty by opening their Macs.

The open debate against closed speech at Apple, largely resolved in favor of the latter, once fueled fierce arguments in Cupertino. Some, like Woz, believed in making devices expandable. Others, mainly Jobs, defended the opposite opinion.


Apple and the right to repair

That same spirit carries over to repairs. Apple offers initiatives such as Program Apple independent repair provider, pBut the company remains largely opposed to the broader Right to Repair movement.

A report from Bloomberg of May He noted that 27 states have considered right-to-repair bills this year. However, negotiators and trade groups, often representing companies like Apple, have used every tool at their disposal to override them. Apple’s argument is that consumers could injure themselves or damage their devices while trying to repair them. Critics of this approach say the company is doing everything it can to get people to buy new devices rather than repair old ones.

Steve Wozniak does not elaborate on this in his message in Cameo, a service that allows people to ask questions of pop culture personalities, but it does say that “Apple would not have existed if it had not grown up in a very open technological world. Back then, when I was buying electronic things like televisions and radios, all the circuits and designs were included on paper. Totally open source ”.

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