Steve Wozniak autographs an authentic relic of Apple history


If you want to spend an absurd amount for an Apple product, you don’t have to look in the current catalog, perhaps focusing on the maximum configuration of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, but dig into the past. The first ever computer of the bitten apple, assembled by the two Steve – Jobs and Wozniak – in person, appeared on eBay with a 1.5 million dollar price tag (at the time of creation, however, the price was only 666 , $ 66).

Get your hands on one of the 200 Apple-1 of the 1976 it is an extremely difficult thing. And it is no coincidence that today’s story is set in Dubai, where the economic availability to make certain things possible is certainly not lacking. It is a sort of “carrambata tech”, in fact, the one in which Steve Wozniak has met a part of his creature: in particular, signed the motherboard of an Apple-1.

Today we reunited the Master with one of his creations… what an amazing experience!

Wozniak in the video that portrays the event appears visibly moved: as soon as he recognizes the object, he cannot help but express his amazement and enthusiasm. And when he is about to autograph it, he specifies that he will do it with the utmost care so as not to ruin a piece of Apple’s history, and therefore of technology, but also of his life. Something he got his hands on in a distant time, for the assembly, but on which he signed only 35 years later. A simple gesture that will surely end up increasing the value of the object even more.