Steve Jobs Archive is online: documents, videos, unpublished of the founder of Apple


Steve Jobs Archive (you can reach and consult via the link in the source) is the first official online archive dedicated to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple – in truth, the team also included Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. A few hours ago Jobs’s family and friends took the veil off this new and exciting project. I challenge any tech enthusiast not to be impressed by some content, regardless of whether they are a fanboy or not.

For example, one of the first documents is the email that Jobs sent to himself to celebrate humanity, then there is the famous 2005 speech at Stanford (You’ve got to find what you love), extracts from internal meetings, interviews, etc. The promise is to further enrich the site with other material, even unpublished. Jobs widow Laurene Powell Jobs at the press conference assured that the archive it will be centered mainly on ideas.

The message (moreover rooted in Jobs), as the lady recalled, is that “Outside of the natural world, everything in the environment is built and all the systems that govern our life on the planet have been built and designed by other humans. Once you have this intuition, you understand that you, as a human being, can change it, stimulate it, perhaps question it and lengthen it. In this way human progress occurs“.

Family and friends left a final message on the site: “With respect for the past and enthusiasm for the future, the Steve Jobs Archive offers people the tools and opportunities to contribute. We are building programs, scholarships, collections and partnerships that reflect Steve’s values ​​and carry forward his sense of possibility“.

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