Steamforged Games: “Elden Ring” becomes a board game

Steamforged Games is working on a board game adaptation of the action game “Elden Ring”. Price and release date are still open.

FromSoftware’s “Elden Ring” becomes a board game: The British company Steamforged Games has secured the rights for a board game implementation and has now announced its project on Kickstarter. It is currently unclear how much the “Elden Ring” board game should cost and when it will be ready for the market.

Steamforged Games has worked with FromSoftware several times to implement the notoriously difficult action games from the Japanese cult developer studio as a board game. A “Dark Souls” board game from the company costs around 130 euros and can be expanded with numerous expansion packs. In addition, Steamforged Games offers board games based on video games such as “Horizon Zero Dawn”, “Resident Evil” and “Devil May Cry”.

In the board game adaptation of “Elden Ring”, players visit the intermediate lands from the action game, where, according to Steamforged, there are “cult locations” and “known enemies and characters” to visit. You can play alone or with up to three other people. For the combat system that lies at the heart of the video game, Stormforged promises a “smart” dice-less system that relies on strategy. Players should adapt their approach to the respective opponent, a Godrick soldier and Godrick the transplanted being given as examples – Stormforged is also oriented closely to the FromSoftware game here.

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“Elden Ring” is the biggest success of the well-known Japanese game studio to date. The open-world game was sold 16.6 million times by August. FromSoft is known, as the fans call it, for high-difficulty third-person action games. The studio’s Dark Souls titles defined a genre and cultivated a dedicated fan base. They are extremely influential within the industry and have inspired numerous imitators including Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, The Surge and Nioh.

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Because of the success of “Elden Ring”, several tech companies have recently invested further in FromSoftware: Together, Sony and Tencent recently bought 30 percent of the shares in the Japanese video game developer. Sony buys 14.09 percent of the shares, Tencent through its subsidiary Sixjoy 16.25 percent of the shares.