Steam improves information and statistics about games

Steam is, without question, the most successful online game store on the market. This is due not only to his seniority, but also to the fact that, over the years, he has been able to win the favor of a good part of the community. gamer. Valve, without a doubt, knew how to see the business opportunity at the time, and has been adapting and evolving it to the context of each moment. Thus, as we have already been able to know from the data provided by the platform itself, some of its numbers are spectacular.

And this is a very important and interesting aspect of Steam, the amount of interesting information it generates and collects. For example, over the past few months, your user survey has provided us with up-to-date information on the pace of adoption of Windows 11 by the gaming community. And something that Valve is very grateful for is that, instead of retaining that information exclusively for its own use, makes it public universallywhich favors precisely what I was commenting on a moment ago, that we have very useful data in terms of information.

Aware of this value, Valve does not only offer this information. Also, cevery so often, add new data, improve their representation, etc.. And that is what just happened, as we can read in the most recent press release from Steam:

«Today we’re launching Steam Charts, a new section of Steam dedicated to showcasing the best-selling and most-played games on Steam. Including numbers in real time.

The Steam Charts page replaces Steam Stats as an overview of what’s popular on Steam, whether it’s real-time, weekly, or even monthly. Steam Charts also compiles numbers in more detail to allow for a more complete picture of the games players are excited about.»

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Steam improves information and statistics about games

Steam Charts is basically a single page that contains all the data related to the most popular games at any given time (remember that its content is generated in real time), as well as with the usual data on the use of the infrastructure. The lists of the best-selling games and the most played, made up on this main page of five elements each, each have a link that allows further information, to see the first hundred.

Next we will find weekly and monthly rankingsmajor new releases, and quick links to other useful Steam-related data pages like Valve hardware survey results, download stats, and more.