Steals and sells 3,000 iPods for underprivileged children, condemned teacher


Kristy Stock, an American teacher living in the state of New Mexico, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing and selling over 3,000 iPods, for a proceeds of approximately $ 800,000 (just under 700,000 euros). The thefts of the devices would have occurred between 2013 and 2018, when the Stock ran a program designed to help groups of disadvantaged Native Americans from tribal reservations to learn to read.

After stealing the iPods, he then sent them to Saurabh Chawla, his Colorado-based accomplice who sold them on eBay, Amazon and other web platforms. Just from some investigations on Chawla, the police started in 2019 to investigate the case, finally arriving at the “source” of that significant number of Apple devices. However, iPods were only part of a larger scheme that saw the group teaming up with an employee at a FedEx center to recycle other products from brands like Epson and Kenwood.

To make the event more serious there is obviously the context: iPods were bought with public money and the approximately $ 270,000 stolen from American taxpayers was intended to help children and young people from complicated family and social backgrounds. While Stock will have to serve about a year and a half in jail, Chawla fared worse as the sentence for him was five and a half years.

There have also been updates in the past few days for EVGA’s massive theft of RTX Series 30 cards, which took place in California in November but with some of the GPUs reappearing in Vietnam. In this case, it is still not known exactly who committed the crime but recent developments could make it easier to identify the perpetrators.