Startup launches software that offers 20 sound avatars to customize voice

Startup launches software that offers 20 sound avatars to customize voice
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The Spanish startup Voicemod has launched a software that allows the modification of voices for more than 20 sound avatars. The company has developed a sound editing table with artificial intelligence that enables instant speech conversion.

According to Voicemod, its differential to other companies in the market is that it transforms voices in real time and with low latency, allowing users to talk as they would in real life. The software has access to a publicly available database of professional voice actors, which results in a wide range of vocal expressions, frequencies, tones and emotions. Through machine learning techniques, the model learns to understand, analyze and predict the patterns and characteristics of a person’s speech.

The company’s target audience is the entertainment industry, gamers, streamers and content creators on Discord, Twitch, Zoom and even WhatsApp.

The company has already made more than 100 voices available to be used as a base, but the main focus now is the development of the AI ​​Humans catalog, which has 20 sound avatars that vary in personality, gender and age. Users can also customize the tone of each personaaltering the perception of voice gender and age.

Despite all the benefits of this innovation, the company is aware of the risks that the technology also carries. Therefore, Voicemod is developing a watermark that allows the identification and tracking of these voicesas well as measures to protect the intellectual property of the voice actors he is working with.

The editor already has over 40 million downloads and is available for free, with the option of a paid PRO version that unlocks additional features and content. The startup is also working on a version for mobile devices and in B2B partnerships with gaming companies and virtual reality headset platforms.

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