Starting today, your Disney+ subscription includes a new feature that you didn’t expect

starting today, your disney+ subscription includes a new feature that you didn't expect
starting today, your disney+ subscription includes a new feature that you didn't expect

While other streaming services eliminate functions or advantages from their rates, Disney+ has good news for all users: the incorporation of a new feature . And, what you will like to know the most, is that you do not have to pay any extra to benefit from it, as we are going to explain to you.

A few months ago we talked about how Disney+ was working on introducing new sound technology that would allow you to enjoy a selection of movies with higher quality. Now, starting today, April 15, this new sound system is activated that will allow you to enjoy some of the best films on the platform in a more immersive way.

DTS:X sound arrives

As we indicated, Disney+ has already activated this new sound capability known as DTS:X, which instantly becomes the competition for Dolby Atmos. This is good news, since this sound technology has been succeeding alone for a long time without a rival to make it improve. Now that the new version of DTS is established in streaming, those responsible for both systems will most likely continue working to go further.


What you are going to achieve with this type of sound is to have a more immersive 3D capacity that will make your movie sessions spectacular. You may be surprised that Disney+ hasn’t talked about it, but there’s a good reason: they’re possibly waiting for the first big release with DTS:X.

Movies now available

As we indicated, the first release with DTS:X is not yet available. Disney+ is preparing its arrival on the platform for May 15. Therefore, we are exactly one month away from the launch of this title, which will be none other than Queen Rock Montreal. Can you imagine what the premiere of a new sound technology could be like with a remastered Queen concert? We get excited just imagining it.


This remastered concert to be enjoyed in style brings together parts of the performances that Queen carried out between November 24 and 25 in 1981. It was an unforgettable event for Freddie Mercury fans and now it will be an excellent way to make money the Disney+ subscription. However, as we indicated, you don’t have to wait for Queen’s “visit” to try what this sound offers.

Actually, you already have it activated from the IMAX Enhanced movie selection. There were already versions of some of the big Marvel movies in which the image had been optimized to provide users with a viewing experience along the lines of IMAX. But now DTS:X sound is also introduced, so you’ll have a double helping of high-level technology . The bad news, at least if you’re not a Marvel fan, is that the 18 movies that already have DTS:X activated are from the superhero factory, so you’ll have to bite the bullet to test the sound with any of them. If you want a recommendation, you can’t miss the impressive Avengers: Endgame or the latest installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, since they are great movies and on top of that they sound killer.

The bad news is that, although Disney+ incorporates this feature for the benefit of all users, having access to DTS:X sound is not that simple. As much as Dolby Atmos has a fairly high level of support, DTS:X is still taking its first steps and it is early to see it as a standard . In order for you to enjoy it, you will need a compatible sound system and also a Smart TV that allows the playback of this technology. In this regard, some of the brands of equipment and sound bars that already support it include Sony, Vizio, Denon, Pioneer or Yamaha, among others.

For now, the best thing you can do right now is check if you have the necessary equipment to take advantage of this new sound technology available on Disney+. And, if so, in addition to watching some of the Marvel movies, mark the release date of the Queen concert that we mentioned before on your calendar, because everything indicates that it is going to be a spectacle.


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