Starlink Roam, a new SpaceX roaming service that works worldwide

One of the options that has the most future among all those that Elon Musk has is Starlink (which is within SpaceX). The purpose of this service is to provide Internet access in places where to date it is not possible -using a series of satellites that are already in operation-. You have just announced a new option that may be a turning point in your evolution. We talk about roam. This is the new service that allows roaming completely in the service and, most importantly, worldwide. Therefore, Starlink demonstrates that it already has sufficient infrastructure so that you can access the Internet through its technology, both in some lost place in the desert or in the middle of the Amazon. We are talking about an impressive milestone that no other company offers for now (although it is true that it seems that Amazon has seen that it can stand up to what Elon Musk offers). What Starlink Roam offers This is the service that has replaced RV, and users who already have an account in the service have received the corresponding email to start testing the service. To do so, you must have an already compared infrastructure that can be fixed or mobile, since there are service antennas that can even be installed on the roofs of vans. The fact is that the minimum cost in everything that has to do with the hardware is $599 (and can reach $2,500 in the case of wanting to have all the existing mobile options). In what has to do with the prices for the great novelty of Starlink Roam, which is being able to access the Internet worldwide with high speed and very low latency -so you have a great user experience-, What you have to pay monthly to get the global plan is $200. In the event that it is regional, the amount is fifty dollars less. In other words, it is not something particularly cheap, but it is a figure that some companies can already perfectly assume. A great future for Elon Musk The truth is that, without making noise, the tycoon has achieved an incomparable infrastructure with his small low-orbit satellites. These allow it to offer global Internet access at good speed and in a very secure way… so much so that the servers are under the exclusive control of SpaceX. The progress is so important that there are no longer a few who will be wary of Starlink, including the Chinese government. >