Stage Manager: Bugs just before the final version

stage manager bugs just before the final version.png
stage manager bugs just before the final version.png

Actually, iPadOS 16 is about to be released – and with it the new window management for Apple tablets. Beta testers report how much it still crunches.


Is the long-awaited Stage Manager feature coming to iPads only half-complete? iPadOS 16 (or 16.1) beta testers report that there are still difficulties with the practical use of the new window management on Apple tablets – although the beta is very advanced and close to the release candidate.


Apple had postponed the new iPadOS by a month this year. One of the reasons given internally by the group: work on the new stage manager function is not yet complete. And in fact, a lot has happened with the new window management in recent weeks: Apple’s software boss Craig Federighi decided to release the function for older iPads without an M1 chip – albeit without multi-display support.

However, this late change in the roadmap was apparently not conducive to stability. Now it is these devices in particular that are causing difficulties – Stage Manager can be used from the 2018 iPad Pro. Owners of non-M1 iPads currently see, among other things, blurred fonts that only “judder” after a few fractions of a second, there are crashes when moving windows between app groups and the function could be a bit more powerful overall.

But issues with non-M1 iPads are by no means the only topic iPadOS 16 beta testers are trying out Stage Manager. According to various Twitter postings, there are still problems with the function on Apple’s current iPad Pro models. This is what the well-known Apple blogger reported this week Black stripes around windows, a freezing keyboard in popular apps like Mail, and window resizing bugs, among others. There are also still difficulties with the Stage Manager integration into system processes – these do not always end up there, but in the individual app view.

Whether Apple knows about these errors or fixes them quickly is unclear or unlikely. It is currently expected that iPadOS 16 will be released in the near future together with macOS 13 aka Ventura – the middle of the month would be conceivable. Apple had already had to make several improvements to iOS 16, and some serious errors were even addressed.

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