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Stadia announces that you will be able to enable the Bluetooth of its controller next week while it launches its latest game

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The days of Google’s adventure in the recent market for streaming games are numbered. On January 18, the stadia servers will be closed after returning in recent weeks to return the money to its users for the purchases of games and hardware made in its store.

One of the collateral victims of the Stadia shutdown was its controllers , but the company promised they would release them so they could be played via Bluetooth from other devices, removing the limitation of wired play . Well, we already know when the Bluetooth connection of the official Stadia controller can be enabled .

The Stadia controller becomes a Bluetooth controller

Currently the Bluetooth connection of the launches-its-latest-game/">Stadia controller is limited to its configuration, where for a few minutes it is temporarily linked to our mobile so that we can tell it to which WiFi network it has to connect. Then the controller only allows you to play via cable like a generic PC controller or via WiFi only on Stadia. By Bluetooth so far it is not possible.

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This will change next week . Google has confirmed that in a few days they will be releasing a self-service tool to enable Bluetooth connections on your Stadia controller . This will turn the Stadia controller into a Bluetooth HID controller , allowing the Stadia controller to be paired via Bluetooth with any mobile phone, PC or television, Android TV and Google TV included, in order to play PC, Android, and Android games. XCloud or Nvidia GeForce Now with the Wireless Stadia Controller .

Play from mobile with console players: 11 Android games with ‘crossplay’

Five days after the final closure of Stadia, Google surprises us by launching its latest game today. This is Worm Game , a game that came to Stadia before Stadia came out and that the company used to test some of Stadia’s functionality and that the Stadia team spent many hours playing. Now Google also allows us to discover this little title before they shut down their servers next Wednesday, January 18.

Enjoy the game that came to Stadia before Stadia saw the world. “Worm Game” is a humble title that we used to test numerous Stadia features from well before its public release in 2019 through 2022. It won’t win Game of the Year, but the Stadia team spent MANY hours playing it, so that we wanted to share it with you. Thanks for playing, and for everything.

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