Spotify’s best of the year recap is now available: so you won’t miss it


For quite some time, every year Spotify releases a summary of the year for each user. In this, you can check some data that is striking. But, what is really important is the list that is generated among the songs that you have listened to the most. We tell you how to access this year’s 2022 so you can enjoy this type of content. We are talking about what is known as Wrapped 2022, an option that without you knowing it has appeared in one of the corners of Spotify. Specifically, in clients for mobile devices (iPad included). Therefore, nothing to use the software for the computer or the player that exists for the browser. The fact is that you can already access the summary that we indicate, and getting it is something very simple as we are going to explain. Do not miss the summary of your 2022 music on Spotify The truth is that the Wrapped 2022 space is not in the most accessible place, but it is not that it is hidden either. To use it, yes, in the summary that you see as soon as you enter the client of the streaming music platform, it is more than possible that you do not see it. But don’t worry, you’re going to see that in a matter of a few minutes you can be enjoying your favorite songs of the year… that’s what it’s all about. Basically, what you have to do is at the bottom of the application, click on the Search section. This takes you to the location where, in the upper left, you can see the new addition that Spotify has generated in a personalized way and that gives you access to the summaries of the year. Simply click on the Wrapped 2022 space and, automatically, you enter the section in question where you will see a mixture of colors where in the first place is your summary of the year, which is a list generated by the use you have given to the different songs you’ve been listening to. Something else Apart from what was indicated before, if you scroll down regularly, you will see that there are different options that may be interesting for you. Thus, for example, there are lists with the best of the year that is close to the terminal; you will also find options with the top themes of 2022 (including a selection of artists); and even the most prominent podcasts on the platform now that the service is betting heavily on this type of content. So, you have a great new feature on Spotify that you can take advantage of without having to pay anything for it, as it is fully functional on free accounts. >

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