Spotify Wrapped 2021: you can now review your personal summary

2021 is nearing its end, and the arrival of this year’s Spotify Wrapped is one more reminder of it. We have recently seen the annual summaries of the Google Play Store and YouTube, and you can be sure that in the coming days and weeks we will see more listings of this style. And it is that a change of year is always a moment of transit, in which we take the opportunity to take a look back, with the intention of making our personal summary of the year.

And this is one of the peculiarities why I like Spotify Wrapped so much. Unlike other summaries, such as the ones I mentioned above, the one created by Spotify does not collect the most listened to topics on the platform, but rather the songs you have listened to the most, so by reviewing and listening to the list suggested by Spotify, surely you will be able to relive some of the moments of this year, more specifically those that you have lived when you listened to those songs.

In addition, as we have already commented on other occasions, the last one last week, Spotify has long targeted social media, and this occurs on two levels: the search for the maximum possible visibility in the most used networks, and also the adoption of new functions that reinforce the part of the social network that the service itself has. The Spotify Wrapped falls, without a doubt, in the first, since a key element of it is the functions designed to share elements of the summary in your social profiles.

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Spotify Wrapped 2021: you can now review your personal summary

Accessible only from the app for iOS and Android, you can access your summary from this link (which obviously you will have to open from the device where you have the app installed), and the web that will be displayed will allow you to access your Spotify Wrapped. Bear in mind, of course, that the summary display is progressive, so there are users who still do not have it available. If this is your case, have a little patience, since surely in a few hours it will be available.

The amount and variety of elements that each user will see in their Spotify Wrapped depends, of course, on the use they have made of the service during this year, but as soon as the music has accompanied you, you will most likely have a few entertaining minutes while you watch your annual summary. In addition, if you are a regular at the annual Spotify Wrapped, this year you will find some fun new features compared to last year, such as a representation of your aura according to the mood styles of the music you have listened to, and a minigame in which you will put to the test your knowledge … about yourself.