Spotify will remove this feature from its app


Spotify has launched many new features in recent months to improve the dynamics of the app. Not only have new features been added, but its design has also been improved.

And now goodbye to one of the functions that allows you to have a playlist combining the musical tastes of two people. We tell you what it is.

If you have a Duo premium subscription then you have one of the functions that allows you to share your musical tastes with your partners, Duo Mix. It is different from the rest of the options offered by the app to share music or create a collaborative list, since it automatically combines the musical tastes of the two.

Yes, a playlist with songs that you both like and that is updated as you use Spotify. And everyone’s profile picture is displayed next to each song that was taken from their playback history. An interesting dynamic to share as a couple without the need to create a shared playlist manually.

However, this feature will no longer be available soon. As mentioned in MakeUseOf, Spotify has sent a notification that this function will no longer be part of the app’s features as of May 23.

That does not mean that users will be left without options to enjoy a similar dynamic. For example, one of the features that has been rolling out since last year is Blend. This function proposes to have a playlist that combines your music and that of your friends.

Based on the listening histories of everyone who joins this feature with you, Spotify will update this playlist daily. A dynamic that you can share with up to 10 friends.

So without the need for you to create or participate in a collaborative playlist, you will have an automatically generated playlist that combines everyone’s musical tastes. And an extra that this function offers is that it is not limited to one plan, since everyone can enjoy this dynamic.

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