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Spotify will offer separate play and shuffle buttons to subscribers

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Spotify has announced that it will offer the separate play and shuffle buttonsa change that will be arriving over the next few weeks, and that will only be available to subscribers Premium through the Android and iOS apps worldwide.

Behind this change could be the fact that some artists have previously expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that their albums are not played in the order of songs that they have established carefully.

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And it is already common for Spotify to have opted for the mixes of musical themes in the playlists, which may have created frustration among some musical creators by not allowing users to listen to their albums as they were launched on the market.

The reason why the platform brings this change only to subscribers is unknown Premiumleaving without effect the users of the free accounts, a majority sector of users, who will continue with the combined playback button.

Spotify merely points out that:

This new change will allow you to choose the mode you prefer at the top of playlists and albums and listen the way you want. Whether you like the joy of the unexpected with shuffle mode, or prefer to listen to tunes in order just by pressing play, Spotify has you covered.

There is no doubt that Spotify is in constant transformation so as not to be left behind, especially when a powerful competitor, TikTok Music, may appear on the horizon, which could shake the segment of streaming music on demand over the Internet.

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It will be a matter of the platform evaluating the possibility of bringing this change in experience to free accounts as well.

More information: Spotify

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