Spotify will have a new way to discover music, with a TikTok-style feed

gustos musicales spotify.jpg
gustos musicales spotify.jpg

Next month, Spotify will announce a series of new features at an event that will improve the experience provided by the application.

In addition to new features and other surprises, we could see the launch of a new Spotify design, with a feed similar to TikTok.

New TikTok-style Spotify feed

We have seen a lot of news in recent months on Spotify. New features in the app, and many more in testing, that change the way users discover new music or listen to their favorite singers.

And in March, we will learn about some of the most important news that Spotify is preparing for this 2023. As mentioned in Bloomberg, one of the big announcements would have to do with a new vertical feed.

If you take a look at the current version of the app, you will see that Spotify shows different sections with suggestions that scroll like a carousel. A dynamic that will say goodbye to the app, since the idea is that users can move as they do on TikTok. And for this feed to work, we will no longer have fixed carousel covers, but the content will have to be more dynamic.

So we’ll still see Spotify’s recommendations and special sections, but with a new feed style. A vertical feed in which we can scroll to see the different options. Depending on the section we will see, for example, a carousel that will be activated automatically when we scroll through the feed, music that will begin to play in the style of TikTok videos, podcast episodes, etc.

If we are interested in some of these recommendations, we can move it to full screen and have the functions that we usually find in each song, such as the lyrics or the subtitles. You can see a preview of this new feed in the video the Spotify team shared a few months ago. A feed that will also integrate Audiobooks at the top, accompanying the Music and Podcasts tabs.

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