Spotify will have a HiFi quality subscription to compete with Apple

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Since at least the year 2017, rumors have been heard about the possible arrival of HiFi sound quality on Spotify. The company even announced plans to launch this feature in 2021… but later backtracked the following year for reasons that are unclear. Now, according to Bloomberg, the company could launch the corresponding hi-fi plan (known internally as ‘Supremium’). The main objective of this new option would be to increase revenue and thus try not to have to raise the prices that Spotify currently has. According to published reports, the company delayed the launch of the plan in 2021 due to two of its main competitors, Apple Music and Amazon Music, which started offering this feature for free in their standard plans. it was viable to launch a paid option It seeks to offer maximum sound quality It has not yet been mentioned if the audio will be completely lossless in terms of quality, but everything indicates that the tracks would have a resolution of up to 24 bits and 192 kHz, as it happens in Apple Music and Amazon Music. We will see if the bet is to offer ‘lossless’, since it generally does not work correctly on Bluetooth speakers or headphones (including Apple AirPods and AirPods Max) due to its high demand of bandwidth. What does seem clear is that Spotify believes that now is a good time to launch the new subscription that will respond to the demand of many users to achieve the highest quality audio when accessing the service (but, obviously, not all tracks from platform may be reproduced with HiFi resolution). By the way, the platform could also enhance its usual Premium offering by including expanded access to audiobooks, either through a certain number of free hours per month or a specific selection (with the option to buy more). Audiobooks are currently only available on Spotify through individual purchases. Important data that Spotify must reveal The price of this new plan has not yet been revealed, of course. Spotify has maintained its Premium plan at 9.99 euros per month in Spain for quite some time. Even Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently mentioned at an earnings call that the company seeks to balance subscriber growth with revenue, so pricing varies by region and the strategy it’s looking to push. Therefore, it is normal to think of a higher cost -perhaps €12 for accessing HiFi content-. >

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