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Spotify will be updated to add new content, do you know which ones?

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Apple was one of the companies that back in 2010 when Steve Jobs was still alive, they insisted on saying that they had no intention of launching devices that served only one task: a music player, a movie player, a book reader, an internet browser or a video game console. So after inventing the iPhone in 2007, that did all that, why go back to the iPod days?

Well, something like this begins to repeat itself in the market for platforms that, in some cases, live between two or more territories that we would normally think should be separate. This is the case of YouTube Music, for example, which has millions of songs but at the same time that we can listen to them, it is possible to choose the video tab to quickly access the official video clip released by that artist or group.

Spotify follows the path

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We do not know if powered by that power that YouTube has in everything audiovisual, but the Swedish platform is experimenting with a new function that will allow users to choose when they want to access videos from their groups (or artists) preferred thanks to a tab that will appear very soon in the official releases of the iOS and Android apps.

So, at least, it has been discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, who is a curious engineer who delves into the beta code of some applications to see what they are working on. And on Spotify, it seems like they’re heading towards convergence between purely musical contents and those that also combine images through those pieces with which the artists promote themselves on social networks and online platforms.

The idea behind this update is to allow the user to choose what they want to see or hear. In this way, a new control will appear that will allow us to choose between three alternatives: on the one hand the artwork of the album while we listen to a song (the format of a lifetime), on the other “Canvas”, which are those clips that are repeated loop mode and that make the smartphone screen more enjoyable; and finally the videos.

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This last option is the real novelty although Jane does not explain if it is access to music videos of that album or if Spotify pursues that the artists provide some type of exclusive content with which to convince new users to join your service. We will see when the true scope of this new possibility arrives, but write it down: the videos arrive.

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