Spotify tests offline mix, which creates playlists for offline moments

Spotify tests offline mix, which creates playlists for offline moments
spotify tests offline mix which creates playlists for offline moments.jpeg

According to Spotify founder Daniel Ek, the platform has started testing a new way of mixing for times when users are offline. Mix Offline prepares a selection of songs that are being listened to a lot by accounts or that have a style that should please the user, offering a varied repertoire.

He did not give a forecast for the launch of the novelty, but the fact that he is speaking out about it in public indicates a certain proximity.

The audio streaming app already allows users to download playlists or albums for offline listening, but so far this is entirely manual. A playlist would speed up the selection work or even for cases in which the individual did not expect to be without internet and did not plan for it with their favorite sounds.

Although YouTube Music has had a similar feature called Offline Mixtape for years, which lets you download up to 500 songs, according to analyst Jane Manchun Wong, Spotify has been working on this innovation since the mid-2020s and must have had development halted by the pandemic. .

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