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Spotify tests a “TikTok” video feed

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While the “cold war” between Apple and Spotify is far from the armistice – just to name the latest, the recent HomePod mini, which arrived in Italy a few days ago and which we have already reviewed, lacks support for the Swedish streaming app. – it’s right on the app SpotifyTestFlight (a beta build for iOS) that i test of a novelty “to TikTok”. Is called Discover, and consists of a new tab placed between Home And Research in the bottom bar.

The new Discover tab, as Chris Messina explains on Twitter, consists of a vertical feed featuring music videos: the user can leave a like and the song ends up in the playlist Songs you like, or swipe up to go to the next video or swipe down for the previous one. A mechanism that worked great on TikTok especially with the younger audience and which, consequently, other big names on the web were inspired by, such as Instagram with the Reel, YouTube with the Shorts or even Netflix with the new feed.

From the videos on the news shared by Messina it appears that Discover mainly hosts Canvas videos, those that, to be clear, are shown instead of the cover when playing some songs. Spotify has confirmed the tests in progress for Discover, but not that when they finish the novelty it will be made available to everyone: if the tests were to give the expected results, even perhaps in terms of user appreciation, then Discover could also be permanently present in the Android and iOS apps of all.

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