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Spotify targets smart downloads, like YouTube Music

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Everyone knows that spotify has a handy download option to bring songs, albums and playlists always available to listen to without the need to spend a single byte of the data fee. Still, there are times when we end up forgetting to bring anything locally and we blindly trust that many gigas that we have contracted every month with the operator, thanks to the 4G connection that we carry everywhere.

Now, what happens if, even having gigabytes in the bonus, the coverage is so tiny that there is no way to connect and listen to anything? Well, For that Spotify wants to go one step further and offer you an assortment of songs that you will always have ready on your mobile, downloaded, even if you have not decided by selecting the option that allows it. That other apps have called smart downloads.

Like YouTube Music

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A few days ago we told you how to configure that mix of themes that the application of Google is downloaded by us to our mobile, and that has to do with our musical tastes. Those of us who teach music apps every day every time we play a song on them, look for an album or get interested in the dates of any group’s concerts.

The thing is that the reverse engineer who usually detects all the new functions, Jane Manchun Wong, has discovered these automatic mixes that Spotify will create and download on our phone, to have them ready to listen even if we go to the end of the world and there is no mobile connectivity or Wifi. Thus, we will be saved and we can liven up our free time.

This function will be called by Spotify Offline User Mix and it is not clear if we can choose the number of songs that will make up this selection or if the app will be guided more by the space that the downloads occupy. The case is that, as you can see in the thread of published messages, it is evident that there is a more than evident similarity between the smart downloads of YouTube Music and this mix that the Swedes will soon launch.

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The date on which it could arrive is not known but it is on the way, there is no doubt, and it is to be hoped that in the same way that it is activated, we will be able to remove it if we do not see too much sense of occupying a space that we prefer to fill with more photos and videos from the holidays. Holidays are approaching.

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