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Spotify suddenly quits on your iPhone? This is what is happening

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It is a problem that thousands of users are suffering from.

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There are applications that work like clockwork and barely give their users headaches, but one fine day, without explanation or reason, whoops, the unexpected happens. And is that In this case, the Spotify app has had problems working correctly. to thousands of its subscribers who have seen it suddenly, and without a word or error message, close.

Obviously, the first thing those affected have done is go to the Swedish social networks to see what was happening, but from the support they have only been able to confirm what happened and refer to subsequent news. These, as you can see from the tweets below, have arrived, but to leave the tagline that "are you still having problems? Tweet @SpotifyCares".

They are still investigating the causes

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First of all tell you that If you are among those thousands of iOS users who have seen their Spotify application close, you are not the only one and it seems that everything has to do with a problem in the Facebook SDK, which many companies use to connect to their business services offered by the social network and which serve to obtain advertising information, in addition to allowing the login with your accounts.

Good news! Everything is good to go and looking happy. Still having issues? Give @SpotifyCares to tweet.

– Spotify Status (@SpotifyStatus) May 7, 2020

The problem is that this error, as reported by some of those affected, is also hitting users who do not log into Spotify with a Facebook account, so is having trouble locating where the problem comes from. Of course, do not think that only the music platform has been affected by these bugs, also TikTok, GroupMe or Pinterest have suffered similar closings.

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Although at this time it seems that the errors are disappearing and you will not have problems accessing Spotify, some users may still continue to have some accidental closings. If this is your case, do not hesitate to write a message in the platform's support account to get the latest news on what the causes are and how you can fix it.

These types of errors can occur by chance or by an update that has not been implemented as it should, so we do not have to be alarmed. It is always annoying that we cannot enjoy a service that we are paying for, and that just at that moment we want to enjoy it but there is no other choice but to wait. If there are news about whether the Facebook SDK is the culprit, or not, here you can read them …

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