Spotify still doesn’t have its promised HiFi sound subscription, why?

If you are one of those who regularly uses Spotify and you are not 100% convinced by the sound quality it offers, surely around 2021 you were happy to receive the news indicating that the platform was working on offering a HiFi subscription. This matched other options on the market and was therefore a logical and positive move. But, today, there is no news about it. Obviously, the process to achieve this is neither simple nor fast, since it is necessary to establish collaborations with the different content providers, as well as with manufacturers and owners of technologies. A path in which you have to overcome many obstacles (including your own due to the options offered by the platform we are talking about). But, the truth is that we are in 2023 and there is no trace of a HiFi subscription on Spotify. New news comes from Spotify In an interview given by the company’s Co-President (Gustav Söderström), reference has been made to the hitherto forgotten option of bringing content with HiFi sound quality to the most used streaming service currently. Among the reasons that the manager has put forward is the changing panorama that currently exists in the industry of everything that has to do with streaming in general and music in particular. But, no matter how much he was asked, he did not go further when it came to explaining the delay that is taking place -but it is not difficult to think about how competitors like Tidal, Apple or Amazon itself are tightening -which has meant significant aggressiveness in access fees. But, in addition, Söderström has stated that the option is still there, and that it is not ruled out at all. Once they adapt to the times, he will do it in a way that, according to him, “works both for us, for the costs and for the users to be satisfied.” We will have to see how those agreements with the record companies go so that they release the highest quality content they have of many of their recordings. A price that will not be suitable for everyone, that is clear If the HiFi subscription to Spotify arrives, something that seems quite likely, it must be appreciated that right now Tidal offers access to very high sound quality at 19.99 euros per month … which suggests that the figures would be more or less these. It is true that there are many sources that indicate that the tests of the service began a long time ago (and that even Spotify employees have access to this quality of sound), but for the moment the rest of us mortals must do something that is not precisely new: wait. >